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I’m Maiesha, a makeup artist and blogger with a huge passion for everything makeup, fashion, and cake, currently living in Canada.  I’m a huge beauty enthusiast with a passion for photography and all things visually appealing. I have an overflowing drawer of makeup and far too many lipsticks!

After years of reading blogs online, I decided it was about time to start my own. Savvvy Vogue houses my love of the beauty world and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it. I call myself a beauty blogger but in reality, Savvvy Vogue is a blog about anything and everything that inspire me. You’ll find it mostly beauty based but I try to throw a bit of fashion, photography, and travel… amongst many other things into the mix. Savvvy Vogue is where you’ll find weekly doses of all things beauty and everyday life.

My favorite things in life are — coffee, make up (especially lipsticks!), clothes, books, dogs in general, watching repeats of Friends again and again and again! I spend way too much time on Pinterest and Instagram.

On the blog, you’ll find — beauty reviews, makeup tutorials, lifestyle posts, products roundups, with the occasional life update thrown in. I hope you enjoy my content and come along on this creative journey with me! So grab a cup of coffee and stay for a bit!






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