Selfkaire Kairetool | A Must-have Facial Roller!

Selfkaire Kairetool | A Must-have Facial Roller!
selfkaire kairetool
selfkaire kairetool

Today, I will be sharing with you what has become my favourite facial roller at the moment. I have been so much into skincare lately and trying to keep my skin perfect and flawless. It takes so much – the skincare products you use, the tools you use, and of course your diet and lifestyle. Thanks to this facial roller, my face and body has been showing a difference and is more contoured and toned. The Kairetool is literally a masseuse, physical therapist and aesthetician, all in one! 

Thanks to Elisha and Kathy for sending me this amazing Kairetool. Elisha and Kathy came up with Selfkaire and made the Kairetool to target acupressure points to help your body detox efficiently. The Selfkaire Kairetool is a facial roller built to alleviate problem areas. It’s made with surgical grade still which is perfect for all skin types and it’s hypoallergenic. It promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and use acupressure to target the body tissues. It also helps with pain and eases it. It is this amazing tool that breaks up cellulite and tones the regions of your face and body. 

selfkaire kairetool

Using Kairetool has become a ritual for me. The Kairetool is a facial roller which you can use over puffy areas and target fine lines and the jaw area. It is perfect for defining regions like the jaw and cheeks. The precision is extraordinary and you can also use it for your body, just roll it over any area you want to. The Kairetool helps to detox stubborn fat, cellulite, aching muscles, fine lines and sagging skin. I have been using it for my jaws and on my arms targeting cellulite. It works wonders on aching muscles. 

When you are increasing the blood circulation around your face, it can improve the complexion and texture leaving you with a more youthful look. I have been using this every morning and at night. I usually roll it over the puffy areas and my jaw line, and I like to keep it in the refrigerator to keep it cool. 

selfkaire kairetool

It’s really important to stay hydrated while using the tool. Make sure to put on your favourite facial oil or serum and start rolling. I do this 15 minutes a day per area and the effects are visible. If your masking, roll it over to the flat side, and roll over to enhance essence penetration. The Kairetool is absolutely amazing and I am so in love with this. It can be used on bare skin, over clothing, face masks, or with your skincare routine. To clean the tool, rinse off tool with gentle soap and dry off.

Would you try this facial roller? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Maiesha 


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