My Brow Routine 

My Brow Routine 

Out of everything in my beauty routine, brows are the one thing that I can’t go without.  I really can’t leave the house without doing my eyebrows. But if I use the wrong products or something that just doesn’t work for me and I look like a huge mess.

I’ve realized that pomades work best for me. I just can’t get the look I want with heavy powders and pencils. I like my brows to be defined though not super defined. I prefer my brows to be neat but to to defined or groomed. They need to suit my face and my makeup right! Choosing the right type of products is so important.


There are two brow products that I love using for my brows. These are my favourite brow products and they’re being repurchased again and again.

The first one is the ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown. I love using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown. The Dipbrow Pomade is absolutely amazing! It’s a staple in my brow routine. The dipbrow has proven to be my go-to product since I bought it. It’s amazing how little product you need, and the texture is just perfect – not too creamy or tacky. I love the fact that this pot gives me a more intense payoff and a thicker appearance,  just makes everything beautiful to me. It’s waterproof and setting it with brow powder or any kind of powder just keeps it in place for soooo long! Not to mention it lasts a lot longer so you don’t have to worry about your brows disappearing at some point in the night.

I’ve always been a fan of MAC products but I never used anything from their brow collection. I got the MAC Fluid Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette and I’m really surprised at how much I like it. The consistency is so creamy and it glides on so smoothly. It’s pigmented, long-lasting and it doesn’t smudge or smear. Plus, I love how you don’t need to go back for more product. It gives precise definition to my brows! I LOVE this product!


I start off with an angle brush and using the lighter end of the definer to draw a straight line (at least as straight as possible) at the bottom of my brow. Then, I take a spoolie and brush the hair down and draw another line above the brow. Drawing lines below and above your brows makes the application so much easier, I promise. Plus, drawing lines really helps to keep the brow neat and instantly makes a difference. I start filling my brows and occasionally using a spooile to blend the colour slightly so it doesn’t look too harsh.

I use the same shade and start off with small, light strokes in the arch and the head of the brow. I always try to fill the head with a very light hand. You can also use a lighter shade to do the head of your brow too.

The next thing I do is use my Bobbi Brown Brow Gel to tame my hairs and keep them in place. Then I gently brush this through my brows from the start to end and it manages to coat every single hair which makes my brows look even more naturally full and thick which is exactly what I want.

After I’m done filling my brows and blending all the product, I like to take my Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and shape out my brows! And voila, I have my desired brows!

Do you have a brow routine? What’s your favourite brow product?



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