My Blogging To Do List

My Blogging To Do List

Writing any type of list helps me to feel super organised. That’s why I wanted to write a blogging to do list because I totally need it. I really want to improve my blog so I thought this would be a great way to start!

Comment, comment and comment. I would love to engage and I think commenting on other people’s blog is a great way to do that. Plus, the appreciation really does feel good; and people love it so much when someone appreciates their posts.  I would love receiving comments on my blog or about my blog, and making new friends.  I’d love to set aside some time each week to comment on blog posts I’ve loved reading and share the love a little more so it starts to come naturally.

Create a lust list. I’ve been thinking of adding a shop or a lust list page to my blog for a while now. I always find myself going through other peoples to see what they have in their wish list, and it’s so nice. I love how it’s like an edit of all your favourite things together.

Make the most of Pinterest. Pinterest is so amazing, it’s the best way to do ‘blog research’. I always find myself feeling inspired by it. Right now, I honestly don’t know where to start, but it’s amazing for gaining blog traffic, and how far your images are actually going!

Use scheduling. I don’t use scheduling as much, but it actually helps a lot. I need to start scheduling my posts and social media updates too, as I don’t have a lot of spare time and it really takes up a lot of time. Scheduling totally helps.

Connect more on social media platforms. This is my major blogging to do list as I can often go totally quiet on social media for days at a time. I’m still learning how to manage the whole blogging. I really want to engage more — by commenting on blogs and engaging more across all social media platforms.

What is on your blogging to do list?

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