Ideas For Embracing Early Mornings

Ideas For Embracing Early Mornings

I’ve never been a morning person. I’m not even a night owl. It has always somewhere in between and I’ve had a lot of trouble waking up early for quite a long time. I need to set tons of alarms, a decent cup of coffee and a good hour by myself before I just about feel awake! It’s so important to take some time to fill ourselves, so we can then pour out to others! And what better time to do it than the beginning of the day!

I once read somewhere that the first hour of your day and how you spend it often sets the tone for the rest of your day and I so totally agree with that now. 

I feel like waking up early makes me get done so much and mostly a lot of the important things and makes me feel good as well. It literally sets the tone for my day, and I’m pretty much always in a really good mood. It literally feels like you’ve so much more time and energy like you’re recharged. I also like to make the most of every second so embracing early mornings can set my day up perfectly.

Waking up early giving yourself time and then starting your day is way better than starting the day tired and rushing. I have been doing a couple of things to embrace early mornings gloriously, and I’m going to stick to it for sure. So, I’m going to share with you how to embrace early mornings with ease and making yourself feel more accomplished. So without further ado, let’s get into the things I’ve been implementing to make myself a morning person, and what actually worked. 



The most important thing is to prep for the mornings. I really hate starting my day all rushed and stressed, it turns into a mess and makes me like it. So preparing the night before has become an important part of my evening routine and it has helped me a lot. So what I do is, list down all the things have to do the next day, and plan everything out accordingly. This way I can give myself time and I can start my day all calm and relaxed with everything sorted out for the day. Also, I always try to schedule your most important things for the mornings so I’m always excited and waking up to something. 


The first thing you should do when you wake up is open your curtains and expose yourself to direct sunlight. Exposing yourself to sunlight is literally the best motivator to wake up. Personally, I like to open my curtains when I wake up, as it makes my bedroom brighter and it feels great to start off a morning this way.


Caffeine first! I love the smell of coffee in the morning and I love a cup of coffee in the morning. It just fuels me up. I sometimes like to add chocolate powder, lately, I’ve been using Cocoa Locks in my coffee, and it’s just so delicious. I have been I always get pumped up after coffee, and I get a jumpstart for my day, and it’s just the perfect way to start my day.


I love making breakfast for myself, and I love this part. I’m a huge foodie and I’m up for food literally at all times. So yes, it excites me to make some delicious breakfast for myself before starting the day. I go to bed at night dreaming of my breakfast in the morning. There are just so many fast breakfast options anyone can make. 


Working out in the morning or going for a walk is a vital part of being psychically and mentally powdered. If you wake up earlier, then you totally have time for this and I have been doing this and it leaves me more productive and energized. I love heading out early for a morning coffee just as the sun comes up and the warmth is settling in for the day. I feel really accomplished, plus it always gives me that boost of energy to start the day.


It really feels good to do something you enjoy early in the morning when you have all the time to yourself. I like reading a book and catch up on blogs, listening to podcasts and sometimes just listening to music. Meditating is a very healthy start to the day, and I do that sometimes too. 


Lastly, to embrace the early morning, establish a morning routine. Having a morning routine is equally important as having a bedtime routine. or a cleansing routine. Give your morning plenty of time, nothing is worse than being rushed in the morning. It can literally mess up your entire day. Give yourself time for yourself, get and prepare for your day!

What are your tips for embracing early mornings?


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