Face Halo 

Face Halo 

Face Halo is the new makeup remover craze taking the world by storm (or at least Instagram). Everyone is raving about them, even Chloe Morello!

Face Halo is the brand new “Modern Make-Up Remover”. I have been using it for some time now, and here are my thoughts on it.

For all of you who haven’t heard of Face Halo yet, Face Halo is a simple round microfibre sponge that removes makeup with just water! Yes, only water. Each packet comes with three pads. The pads are round and are made up of the HaloTech fibre strands and work with both cold or warm water. It has been designed to reach deep into your pores to remove all the trapped makeup, leaving your skin clean. At the end of the day, removing makeup is a lot of work, and takes time. I usually use a cleanser to remove my makeup. After hearing about Face Halo, I wanted to give it a try and see whether it actually stands up to the test against a normal cleanser.

But do they work? Well, the answer is they do!

face halo

They work well, I have to say I was surprised by how well they actually work. I’m extremely impressed. The pads are very gentle on the skin and feel so soft. They remove makeup easily and effectively. But, it removes only about 90% of the makeup including waterproof makeup. There’s no need for any scrubbing and it’s very simple to remove eye makeup without any tug or pull.

Also, you can use Face Halo up 200 times as the brand says. That makes it somewhat economical; since you don’t have to use cotton pads. Plus, they are totally travel-friendly. You don’t have to carry cleansers and stress if the containers open and empty inside your suitcase. They are small, compact and of course they won’t leak; which is exactly what you need when you’re travelling.

I would totally recommend this product. I’m in love with it.

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