Beauty Edit | Huda Beauty Haul 

Beauty Edit | Huda Beauty Haul 

Huda Kattan is one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram and ever since she launched her beauty line, it has been a cult favourite. Huda’s makeup range initially launched with eyelashes before expanding into lip pencils. Then, the brand launched liquid lipsticks followed by eyeshadow palettes, highlighter palettes and now base products.

Over the past year I’ve amassed a mini collection of Huda Beauty products, so today I’ll take you through them all.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette


huda beauty

The moment I saw the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette, I knew that I had to get this. The palette is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful — it’s a stunner. This palette is going to take you an exotic Arabian journey! I am in awe of this palette; I literally reach for it every time I’m going out.

The palette comes in a good range of shade with really beautiful colours that complement each other. It consists of mattes, shimmers and duo chrome topper shades and one pure glitter shade. I feel like it goes nicely with all skin types.

The formula is incredible; it’s very creamy and pigmented! The mattes are buttery smooth and they blend really nicely. There was absolutely no fallout when I used them. The shimmery shades give a really nice colour pay off when used with the fingers than a brush. They are smooth and very pigmented too. The duo chrome shades are really mesmerizing, and I love each and every shade, honestly. They are a bit dry when I used my fingers; they kind of just stuck to my fingers with minimal transfer. So, I used a spray on my brush, and tried applying it again — It was just perfect.

The pure glitter shade “Cosmo” is a really dark copper glitter and it’s my favourite. It’s creamy, but it’s half-pressed, half-loose. So it’s better to be used with a dampened brush. Although the glitter shade is a bit of work, when you apply it with a spray, it looks just so beautiful!

The price is $85 which is a little over the top but I think it’s worth it. This is basically my favourite night out eyeshadow palette because these bold colours last for hours and hours.

huda beauty

Huda Beauty 3d Highlighter — Gold Sands Edition


Next up is the Huda Beauty 3D highlighter in Gold Sands and it’s this gorgeous sun-kissed highlighting palette. The shades are very pigmented and buttery. The colours totally melt into your skin giving you an intense glow.


huda beauty


It comes with one cream product – Fiji, which is a creamy pearlescent formula with a slightly yellow shift. I really like this because it blends out effortlessly without leaving any lines or textures and leaves my skin looking radiant.

The other 3 are powders and are light catching pressed pearls staggered in complimentary tones to give you a sculptural, 3D radiance.  The texture of the powder highlighters is lovely and smooth and it gives a look that’s intense but looks natural. They’re definitely metallic as opposed to glittery. Seychelles is a stark light gold, Tahiti is a very warm gold-bronze colour that’s perfect for a summer makeup look and Zanzibar is a warm peach with pink undertones that tops off my blusher perfectly.

I totally love the blush shade and it kinda looks like a natural blush. I’ve used them as eyeshadows as well, putting it onto the centre or corner of my eye. I recommend setting them with a spray, and it’ll last for so long! This is totally worth the hype and I would not hesitate to buy them again!

Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions Palette


huda beauty

I wasn’t as thrilled when Huda Beauty launched the Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes. I went to Sephora and when I fell in love with the warm obsessions palette. I really love the colour combination (which are of course all in the warm-toned brown, red and orange family) and they’re totally my kind. They retail at $35 and I guess the price per gram isn’t great when compared to the large palettes.

However, this is a great introduction to the formula and if I hadn’t tried this then I’d still have been very sceptical on whether the full-sized ones would be worth it. This is an all-matte palette except for one shade – which is a shimmer that has an intense, almost foiled finish. There’s an array of light and dark shades with a bunch of crease colours to choose from.


huda beauty

The shades are very pigmented and there’s hardly any fallout. The colour payoff is incredibly amazing — the isn’t one shade that gets chalky or uneven when applied. The shades are so smooth and blend like a dream. I can totally trust this formula to last all day without going muddy or wearing away much.

I think the brand is totally worth the hype. The quality is excellent and I honestly haven’t been disappointed with a single one of my purchases so far.

What are some of your Huda Beauty favourites?

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