Beauty Lessons I’ve Learnt Along the Way!

Beauty Lessons I’ve Learnt Along the Way!

One of my favourite things about beauty is that there’s always something to learn and the possibilities with beauty products are endless — some new technique that can help with your makeup application or your skincare routine!

There are all kinds of beauty and skincare advice out there on the internet. I’m always learning something new from the beauty blogs I read or Pinterest! I have been learning so much from the beauty blogs I read, and they have been helping me with my skincare routine and makeup application, and it makes life a little bit easier.

Today I’ve rounded up a few beauty tips that I swear by to share with you — that have worked for me and I hope they’ll be helpful for you too.



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Beauty Lessons I’ve Learnt Along the Way!

  • Whatever your skin type, always moisturize your skin before putting on makeup! It adheres better to supple and moisturized skin as opposed to dry and flaky complexion and definitely if you have dry skin! This is a must for me and it has always worked wonders for me.
  • Cleanse your face as soon as you get home and allow your skin to breathe.
  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove dead cells sitting on the top layer of your skin and allow products to sink in. This is very important for healthy skin!
  • Clean makeup brushes and sponges once every week! This is essential for a flawless application as well as to avoid breakouts because you’re not spreading bacteria and dirt along with your makeup.
  • Neutral makeup is always a safe bet because it looks flattering on anyone, for any occasion.
  • A good skincare routine is a secret to great makeup, so invest in good products and use them consistently.
  • It’s better to dampen your beauty sponges for better application and to avoid wasting products.
  • Always apply lip balm as a first step and then let it sit as you do the rest of your makeup for perfectly prepped lips when is time to apply your lipstick.
  • Less is always more when it comes to makeup. It’s always easier to add makeup than to remove it; better work in thin layers to achieve the wanted coverage and pigmentation – also thin layers last way longer than a single scoop of product.
  • Apply a little bit of highlighter to your cupid’s bow and it will make your lips appear fuller.
  • Use your ring finger when applying eye cream or blending out concealer under the eyes! – it’s so much more gentle and is less likely to cause wrinkles.
  • Throw away your mascara after 3 months because there is a high chance of getting an eye infection.
  • Apply setting spray after you’re done putting on your makeup.
  • It’s better to invest in quality skincare products so you don’t have to use as much makeup.
  • Investing in high-quality products, though sometimes more expensive, will make you happier than just purchasing whatever is being hyped or on sale at the moment.

What are some of your favourite beauty tips?

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  1. April 11, 2018 / 11:45 am

    Loved reading these tips! Great post 😊

    • gritglamor
      April 11, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      Thank you dear!

  2. April 13, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    I think I’ll start cleansing my face sooner after work – I usually end up waiting until I shower right before bed, but I could definitely benefit from giving my skin more breathing time!

    • Maiesha
      April 14, 2018 / 9:40 pm

      Yes, you should totally do that and give your skin some time to breathe! 💖

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