Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

The Modern Renaissance Palette is one of my absolute favourite palettes. These were the first eyeshadows I tried from ABH and I was very impressed. The palette has 14 shades, from earthy yellow to shimmer gold in ultra-matte to metallic finish; the colours work so well together.

I really like the packaging. I love the soft lilac mauve shade of the packaging, it is so beautiful. The blush pink, the velvety cover is gorgeous, but I don’t really like the fact that takes so much as one day to get a stain on it. Unfortunately, it gets dirty pretty easily.

It is amazing that a brush comes with the palette, and I absolutely love the brush. I also appreciate the brush; that it’s totally functional.

This palette is such a gorgeous one that includes the most perfect shades. The shades just scream Fall to me. All of the shades are very pigmented, smooth and buttery. When I used my fingers on the shades, oh, it was like my fingers sunk into butter.

The formula is really soft, creamy yet powdery. But I find it can be a little wasteful because when I dip my brush in, even gently it kicks up a little bit of powder. Other than that, this palette is just amazing. The shades blend SO, SO beautifully. The options are endless when it comes to this spectacular palette.

It’s really hard to say anything bad about this palette but I think the only downside would be the packaging as I mentioned earlier.

I’m in love with every single shade in this palette. Every time I do my makeup, I have to stop myself from reaching for this one. No exaggerations. That itself should explain how good this palette is.

What’s your favourite ABH palette?




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