Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipsticks!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipsticks!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my absolute favourite brands, and I love every one of their products! I was thrilled when Anastasia Beverly Hills launched the matte lipsticks. I have long been a fan of their liquid lipsticks, and the matte lipsticks are just absolutely stunning! I’m in love with the formula and the shade range is incredible.

The matte lipsticks have a gorgeous range of colours I mostly use matte lipsticks, well, all the time. These lipsticks are mere perfection! The Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipsticks are matte, as of course, the name suggests.  Even though they are matte, they’re also are so very comfortable on the lips. The formula is really amazing; the lipsticks are very pigmented and smooth, and they are a bit creamy. The lipsticks are very easy to apply, and the best part is how long they last. The matte lipsticks last for hours before you have to retouch! They moisturize the lips and it doesn’t make the lip dry at all. The texture is lightweight, and the coverage remains even. The matte lipsticks felt like butter on my lips and left a beautifully soft, elegant, matte but creamy finish!

The ABH matte lipsticks are waaaay more comfortable than most matte lipsticks. Also, they have minimal transfer and has great staying power without being patchy. If you think it might get dry, put oil or lip balm and then continue with lipstick. The colours look amazing, and the texture is amazing. I am in love with the formula and the texture of these lipsticks. The shades I bought are basically nudes, and I am going to buy more shades! (*yelp*).

The shades I love the most are are… Stevie is an antique auburn colour, Rum Punch is a ripened plum berry colour, Spice is a nude colour and Staunch is a warm nude colour, with subtle, warm undertones. I am totally in love with these lipsticks! If you are a lover of matte lipticks, you’ll absolutely love them.

Which shades are your favourite?





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