Happy Thursday loves! I have been using LUSH products for a while now, and I’ve always liked their products so much. I have tried so many of their products, and I fall in love with them every single time. So today, I’m sharing with you a few LUSH products I’ve been using – here we go! 

Mask of Magnamity | I was looking for a new face mask and while I was at LUSH, one of the girls at LUSH suggested me the Mask of Magnamity.  I’ve loved this for months as a face and body scrub.

The Mask of Magnamity is a minty face and body mask formulated to be intensely cleaning without being harsh on the skin. It contains Kaolin clay and peppermint oil, which cleanses pores, blackheads giving you a clean and refreshing feeling. This mask helps exfoliate and rejuvenates the skin and also contains vanilla and honey, to calm redness and soothe and moisturize the skin. 

The mint smell is actually a very natural smell. It smells so great, and I love how the peppermint oil literally soothes and wakes up my tired face. You have to leave the mask on for 15 minutes, and after that, it leaves so refreshingly and clean.

I really love this mask, and I usually use it once or twice a week. I would definitely recommend this product. 


Cup O’ Coffee | Cup O’ Coffee has to be my favorite mask from LUSH. First of all, the smell is absolutely amazing. It smells like coffee, so that’s just beyond perfect. The Cup O’ Coffee cleanses, exfoliates and wakes up tired skin. It has the smell of freshly brewed coffee and sweetly roasted cocoa extract. The mask helps to deeply clean and exfoliate the skin and acts as scrub buffing away dryness and leaving glowing complexion. This mask is supposed to help with acne too. I don’t have acne, so I can’t really say anything about that.  

After using this mask, the skin feels so smooth and supple. I use this once a week as an exfoliator. The only downside to this is that it can get a bit messy. Except for that, this mask works wonders! 


It’s Raining Men | I really like using LUSH body products, and their body gels are incredible. It’s Raining Men is a deliciously scented body gel. I absolutely love this body gel. Yes, it’s like any other body gel and is moisturizing. The best part about this is it’s smell, at least for me. I like using products I like the smell of. Weird, yeah. This stuff smells absolutely amazing! It’s an addictive toffee perfume, with a sweet orangey and honey smell. The smell is so sweet and I just can’t get enough. It contains bergamot oils, which makes it much more appealing. It’s Raining Men contains loads of moisturizing honey blended into a soothing lotus flower and tiger lily infusion. This body gel is so gentle on dry or sensitive skin and can be used for all body types. 




Rosy Cheeks | Rosy Cheeks is a calming, cleansing and soothing face mask. As its name suggests, it has rose oil and smells like roses. Oh my god, I love anything that has a rosy smell, and I have to say that I really love this mask. The mask is a blend of Kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil that calms the skin and restores the balance. 

I have been using it for about a month now and the results are great. The calamine cleanses, and kaolin removes dirt and impurities. The Turkish rose works to nourish and tone the face. Rosy Cheeks literally relaxes my skin and I love how soft my skin feels afterward. This mask leaves you with a calm and relaxed. 

Also, you have to keep this mask in the refrigerator, so it’s always cold and I just love how it feels on the skin. I would definitely repurchase and recommend this mask! 


Sleepy Body Lotion | The Lush Sleepy lotion has the most dreamy lilac color with a little bit o’ shimmer that just looks oh so good. I can’t get enough of it. The texture of the body lotion is very creamy and thick. The Sleepy body lotion is a lot thicker than other LUSH body lotions. I have dry skin, and it is extremely hydrating and nourishing. The lotion goes on easily and gets absorbed into the skin leaving my skin very hydrated. I love how it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized.

I have been using this for months now, mostly at night. At night, I slather this rich body lotion onto the majority of my body. I feel like it works best after having a hot, relaxing bath with bubble bars and oils. But if you don’t have time for it, no worries, it still works wonders. Just spend a few minutes rubbing Sleepy into your skin and it will ease your mind and relax your body in no time, and you’ll be drifting off to sleep. You’ll have a good night’s sleep after dipping into this lotion for sure. It’s no wonder sleepy has gone viral, and is loved by so many. 

What’s your favorite LUSH product?

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