70 Blog Post Ideas for all Types of Blogs

70 Blog Post Ideas for all Types of Blogs

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I did a post on lists of Instagram post ideas and I really enjoyed it, plus it helps me so much! So, I’m doing a blog post ideas for all types of blogs today. I hope this helps you as much as it helps me!

70 Blog Post Ideas for all Types of Blogs


  1. Random facts about you
  2. A typical day in your life
  3. How you take/edit your photos for your blog and social media
  4. Share your daily makeup routine
  5. Favourite products of the month
  6. Makeup / Fashion wishlist
  7. Handbag wishlist
  8. Your daily essentials / Things you always need to have in your bag
  9. Talk about your favourite makeup brand
  10. What fascinates you in the blogging community?
  11. Share your must-have items when you have little time to get ready
  12. What inspired you to start blogging?
  13. Who are some of your favourite bloggers?
  14. Who has inspired you throughout your life?
  15. Share your plans (short term and long term)
  16. What are you looking forward to your blogging journey?
  17. Share any photography tips you have
  18. Share a “Do’s and Don’ts…” post about something you’ve got experienced
  19. Create a fun  challenge for the month/season (on Twitter/Instagram) and invite your readers
  20. What are the products/tips you swear by
  21. Seasonal to-do lists
  22. Share the blogging essentials that you cannot live without
  23. What’s in your makeup bag
  24. Holy grail products
  25. Share what apps you’re obsessed with?
  26. What did you do to grow your blog?
  27. Share products that you swear by
  28. How do you stay motivated?
  29. Write a “Top 20” or “Top 10” post
  30. Share your to-do list for the day/week/weekend/month
  31. A review of a product/service
  32. How do you plan your content?
  33. How do you pack for a trip?
  34. Being a woman in your 20’s
  35. How to start a blog
  36. Favourites
  37. Favourite Youtubers you watch every day
  38. Things you regret not doing in life
  39. Room tour or house tour
  40. Try on haul/clothes haul
  41. Favourite websites you’ve visited this week
  42. What is confidence for you
  43. How do you manage your time
  44. Things you think every women/men year old should know
  45. Your workspace essentials
  46. A new take on Thanksgiving recipes
  47. Christmas/winter holiday DIY
  48. Cookie recipe
  49. A letter to your younger self
  50. Outfit of the day
  51. Makeup storage ideas
  52. Your make storage and collection
  53. Curling with a straightener
  54. Your go-to hairstyles
  55. Makeup hauls
  56. Monthly goals
  57. Favourite Instagram accounts
  58. Favourite Twitter accounts
  59. A list of your pet peeves
  60. Favourite books of all time
  61. Birthday Haul
  62. Holiday Haul
  63. List of things to be happy about
  64. Places in your city to visit
  65. What do you look for in a blog?
  66. Travel bucket list
  67. Home decor wishlist
  68. Blog tips that have worked for you
  69. Share your best marketing tips
  70. Create a massive list of blog post ideas!

I really enjoy writing out these lists. I’d love to write more and share with you!




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