32 Instagram Post Ideas

32 Instagram Post Ideas

It’s been a few months since I started blogging and I wasn’t consistent at all. But I’m back, and I’m gonna be posting new posts every week. I have been planning my blogs posts, Instagram posts and what kinds of props I need. I get it all together and spent the day creating all my content. I have written lists of different blogs posts ideas and lists of different Instagram post ideas, which will be up on the blog pretty soon. I love making lists, it really helps me stay organized and helps when I’m going through a busy period. Instagram is probably the app that I use the most, even though I have a love/hate relationship with it now. I have written down a list of Instagram post ideas for summer to keep me inspired. 


  • A flatlay of your makeup of the day
  • Your favorite lipsticks, eyeshadows or bronzers
  • Your current favorite product with a mini review
  • Products you have in your makeup bag
  • Skincare products for the season
  • A roundup of pink, red or nude products
  • Fragrances you’ve been using 
  • How you organize your makeup
  • A close up of a particular product/beauty area/’shelfie’
  • A morning or evening routine shot


  • A Shopping Haul
  • A flatlay of your outfit, shoes, and accessories 
  • A simple outfit of the day against a plain/ colored background
  • A close up of outfit details (watches, jewelry, bags etc)
  • A flatlay of what’s in your bag
  • A couples, friend or group outfit of the day
  • Outfits of the week/weekend using multiple photos
  • Share a picture from a store display
  • Pictures of your outfit in front of a floral display/pretty flowers
  • Capture your favorite shoes on a patterned floor



  • Coffee in bed / Your morning coffee
  • A shot of your desk area or workspace
  • Breakfast in bed at the weekend
  • Picture of what you have baked or cooked that day
  • A ‘What I eat in a day’ using the multiple photos feature
  • A photo that captures the current season
  • Everyday Essentials 
  • Share photos from a cafe, restaurant or hotel
  • Pretty flowers from where your standing
  • A view of your brunch, coffee date or food from above
  • A room tour of your house
  • An ‘on the bed’ shot of fresh flowers, brunch or general items


Do you have any Instagram post ideas you always rely on?

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